Written Homework
Math:  Math homework is sent home when a lesson is taught and completed in class (almost daily).  Math homework is due the following day!

Packet:  Each Monday a homework packet is sent home.  These packets usually consist of 1 ELA/Writing sheet, 1 Science/Social Studies sheet, and 1 Fundations sheet.  The packets are due on Thursday each week but pages and/or packets can be sent in early if they are completed.

Daily Homework
Reading: Children should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes each day to help develop good reading habits.  Don't forget to have your child fill in a box on their Reading Corps for every 15 minutes they read.

Math: Children should practice basic addition and subtraction math facts to 20.  They can use paper and pencil, flash cards and/or digital programs such as Reflex Math to accomplish this goal in a fun way.  There are many other interactive apps and websites that can be used as well.  

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