Tuesday, October 11, 2011

210 Happenings

  Over the past month the students have been settling in to our classroom routines. They are comfortable with their surroundings and have adjusted to our new schedules. We have been really busy learning lots of new things. In science we have been studying trees. The students have learned about the parts of the tree and their functions. We've integrated science and technology with Mr. Callahan using the i-Pads to take pictures of deciduous and coniferous trees. What a blast! They also learned about the different tree layers and made their very own tree necklaces, illustrated tree books, made leaf and bark rubbings, re-created the rings of a tree, and did an experiment with a pine cone. Check out some of the pictures below! We are finishing up our unit on trees in the next week or so and will be moving on to studying weather.

     In math we have been reviewing concepts that were covered in first grade and have learned some new second grade math games that are great to reinforce math fact knowledge.  Ask your child to explain some of the games to you.  We played Tens Go Fish (similar to Go Fish), Collect 25 Cents, Make 10 (similar to Memory), and Plus 1 or 2 Bingo.  This week we are working on addition and subtraction story problems.  The children are learning to read and interpret story problems, write an equation to match the story, solve the problem while showing their mathematical thinking with words, numbers, and/or pictures, and labeling their answer.  Below you will find some pictures of the kids playing the various math games.

         Last but not least, we began our writing program called Being a Writer this month.  The children seem to really enjoy it.  Many of the lessons use trade books to motivate the students to create their own writing pieces.  They are enthusiastic about writing and sharing their writing.  Many students have asked if they can write "a lot of pages"  I can't wait to hear their stories while they share their writing with their classmates.

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