Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Discovery Museum

On Friday the second grade went on their first field trip to the Children's Discovery Museum in Acton.  They had a blast!  Children were able to explore with the various activities on each floor of the museum.  They also participated in a Sink and Float Design Challenge.  The challenge was to build a boat that would float while carrying various supplies (treasure-hard boiled egg, people-pennies, sleeping bags-rolled felt, food-tea bag, tent poles-straws).  First the students were put in groups and they were given time to investigate with a variety materials to figure out which would sink and which would float.  Then it was time for the challenge!  Students learned quickly that teamwork was the most important aspect of this challenge.  They shared ideas, strategies, and solutions as they worked.  Many of the groups came close to building a boat that would carry the items safely.  Throughout this activity the children were taking part in the Design Process.  Below are many pictures taken at the Discovery Museum!

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