Monday, April 8, 2013

Super Science in Room 210

Last week Miss Pavlicek came to our classroom to teach the children about maple sugaring.  They reviewed the layers of the tree with a fabulous tree costume and were taught about various tools used to tap a tree (spile, hammer, hand drill & bit, wire, and plastic bottle).  Once students were introduced to the basics of maple sugaring they went outside to measure and tap a maple tree!  Below are some pictures of the tree tapping process.

Last week we also received frog eggs to help kick off our upcoming science units of amphibians and reptiles.  The children were so excited to see the jelly like eggs and were surprised to see tadpoles swimming around this morning.  We will keep the tadpoles until they begin to develop lungs and then they will be let go in a pond nearby.  Check out the video of Miss Pavlicek and Mr. Musselman collecting eggs for the elementary school classrooms!

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