Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Homework Project

Collecting and Pressing Leaves

Due:  Friday, October 25th   

This year we are studying coniferous and deciduous trees.  This season gives us a wonderful opportunity to see many colorful and unique leaves that we may pass by without noticing.  As part of this study, we will be looking at the characteristics of these plants and would like you to help your child find some leaves for a classroom project.  Below you will find the criteria for this project:

1.                   Collect 6-8 small leaves and/or small branches from a coniferous or deciduous tree or bush.  The dimensions of each leaf or branch should be no larger than 2½” in length and width.  Have your child use a ruler or tape measure to measure the length and width.  See example on the back side of this sheet.
2.                 Try to collect a variety of sizes of unique looking leaves and/or branches. 
3.                 Press the leaves in wax paper 3 times as follows:
o       Place the leaf between 2 pieces of wax paper and gently iron the wax paper. 
o       Carefully peel the wax paper away and discard the wax paper.
o       Repeat this process 2 more times using new wax paper each time.
o       Store your leaves between the last 2 pieces of wax paper.
This process will flatten the leaf leaving a wax coating, which will help preserve it so it lasts longer. 
4.                 Carefully place the pressed leaves between the pages of a book and have your child bring the book and leaves back to school.  By doing this the leaves will not crumble in your child’s backpack.
5.                 Collect data on the type of plant the leaves are from including the name, whether it is coniferous or deciduous, and any other important characteristics or interesting facts about the plant.  Below you will see pictures of past projects. Happy Leaf Hunting!

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