Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Secret Pal Activity

     Before winter break the children participated in a Secret Pal Activity.  The students "pulled" the name of a classmate as their Secret Pal.  For homework each night they had to write a compliment to their Secret Pal and deliver it without being seen the next day. Each afternoon the children were so excited to read their compliments.  It was a great activity to promote being kind to others. The culminating activity was to create a homemade gift for their Secret Pal.  The children were given information about their Secret Pal such as favorite color, book, movie, food, etc. to help them come up with creative ideas for a thoughtful gift. This was the best part of the activity!  It was nice to see all of the hard work that students put into their gifts and it was even better to see the smiles of the students receiving the gifts. They were so thankful for each other.  The children learned that the holidays aren't just about presents. It is about being thoughtful, kind and caring towards others.  Below are their fantastic homemade gifts!

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